Be aware on beaches to protect our Ringed Plover!

Be aware on beaches to protect our Ringed Plover!

MWT have taken action on Cronk y Bing ASSI to protect nesting Ringed Plover throughout breeding season. We need your help to ensure their disturbance is kept to a minimum!
Ringed Plover eggs

Their eggs are small and well camouflaged

Manx Wildlife Trust (MWT) yesterday fenced off 710m of upper beach at our Cronk y Bing Nature Reserve at the Lhen, Andreas, to protect the endangered Ringed Plover which are nesting on the beach.

A recent survey found nests containing eggs in areas which have high footfall from walkers enjoying the shore. The whole of the beach at Cronk y Bing is a legally protected Area of Special Scientific Interest (ASSI), in part because of important ground nesting birds.  

Ringed Plover are a Bird of Conservation Concern on the Isle of Man and have the highest level of legal protection under the Wildlife Act 1990, with fines of £10,000 for anyone found to be disturbing these birds whilst nesting. 

Ringed Plover signage

Two areas of beach cordoned off

A recent report found that there are only around 39 pairs of Ringed Plover nesting on the Isle of Man. MWT have therefore fenced off the upper beach (between the high-tide mark and the sand dunes) to prevent people and their dogs damaging eggs or disturbing adults and their chicks. Their eggs are tiny, well camouflaged to look like pebbles, and are very hard to see.

Ringed Plover

Spot the Ringed Plover. The birds themselves are small and hard to spot until its too late

All people accessing the beach are requested to keep dogs on a short lead until the 31st August 2022 and to adhere to all signage. The use of vehicles, including motorbikes on the foreshore is strictly prohibited.

The protection zone covers only 710m of our 160km long coastline; however, walkers should be aware that Ringed Plover and Oystercatchers may nest on any areas of upper sand and shingle around the whole Island and should avoid walking in this areas, especially at high tide.  

MWT thank everyone for their cooperation and will be providing updates on the success of the birds throughout the season.

Ringed Plover

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