Our Strategy

Manx Wildlife for the Future

Description: European hare (Lepus europaeus) feeding in a field, summer. Author: Bertie Gregory - Bertie Gregory/2020VISION

Our Strategy

Our Strategy – sets out our ambitions for the Isle of Man’s natural environment and explains how we intend to achieve them. We focus on the Isle of Man but know that nature does not recognise national boundaries so we understand the importance of our central position in the Irish Sea, close to adjacent isles and sharing common goals with the federation of Wildlife Trusts across the British Isles. Our ambitions are bold but realistic - working with many people and organisations will help us deliver them and play our part within our Island UNESCO Biosphere designation. If you would like to know more, please contact us.

Our Vision

The Isle of Man’s land and waters rich in wildlife, where nature matters to all

Our Mission

To protect and enhance our environment, create more spaces for wildlife, and inspire people to act for nature

2020 Strategy Centre Spread

Throughout our work MWT aims to:

  • Develop a robust MWT Business Plan alongside this strategy, giving a focus for income generation across our activities
  • Widen our impact by working through others developing strategic alliances with IOM Government, MNH and the other key Island organisations
  • Champion the Isle of Man’s UNESCO Biosphere status and help the Island achieve its goals
  • Align with the overarching principles and ambitions of The Wildlife Trust federation
  • Carry out research, monitor our impact, contribute to biodiversity data collection, and make informed evidence-based decisions
  • Develop and expand our use of digital and other appropriate technologies and efficiencies across our work
  • Champion and communicate Manx culture, language, and heritage appropriately in our work
  • Develop and operate good governance at all levels of the Charity

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Bottle-nosed dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) breaching. - Peter Cairns/2020VISION