About us

About us

James Qualtrough

Manx Wildlife Trust

Manx Wildlife Trust (MWT) was founded in 1973 and is the Isle of Man’s leading conservation charity.  Its members, staff and volunteers all contribute to delivering benefits for wildlife and people by:

• Providing space for wildlife on 24 nature reserves

• Working in partnership with others to make space for wildlife in our waters, on farms, in gardens and via the planning system

• Developing natural solutions to mitigate climate change, including peatland restoration, increasing seagrass beds and tree planting

• Reducing our carbon footprint while helping and encouraging others to do so

• Connecting people to nature and helping them take action to support it

• Delivering environmental education programmes for all ages and running Citizen Science projects


Our Vision

The Isle of Man’s land and waters rich in wildlife, where nature matters to all.

Our Mission

To protect and enhance our environment, create more spaces for wildlife, and inspire people to act for nature.