COP26 - Isle of Man

COP26 - Isle of Man

What is COP26?

COP stands for 'Conference of the Parties' and these are UN conferences on its different conventions. 

COP26 is where world leaders come together to talk about climate change and how to tackle it, as it's the COP for the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. 

This year marks the 26th COP summit - hence why it is called COP26 - taking place 31st October-12th November 2021 in the UK. It's held here this year because the UK were successful in their bid to host it - this means they have taken on the Presidency. Glasgow was chosen as the location, in part due to the city's commitment to sustainability. The spotlight is now on the UK to provide global leadership that raises ambition and turns promises into desperately needed action to tackle the inseparable nature and climate crises.

How is the Isle of Man involved?

Delegates from the Isle of Man have been chosen to showcase how the Island is viewing and using blue carbon stores. Specifically the quantification, categorisation, use and enhancement of our existing blue carbon resources.

A video will be presented showing the beauty our marine environment. This is to help viewers understand the need to protect our oceans. It will be featured as part of Nature Day on Saturday 6th November.

Other Non Government Organisations (NGO’s) have also drawn up supporting material highlighting specific cases on the Isle of Man

Everyone is aware of environmental impacts such as the ice caps melting and loss of habitat for iconic species such as polar bears, but what about our wildlife on the Isle of Man? Climate change will have an effect on all our ecosystems, so we have teamed up with Vera Barber, The Hedgehog Lady of Peel, to talk about climate change and hedgehogs!

We have also produced some worksheets for use and to promote discussion in schools.

Hedgehog Quiz
Interview with Vera
Hedgehog Cafe
Adaptation of Species - Schools
COP26 Pledge

Are you feeling a bit helpless with it all? Don’t, because everyone can change their lives a bit to help remedy the situation. It might be something that seems very small, such as turning off a light when you are not in a room, but if everyone on the Isle of Man did this, that’s about 85,000 people making a change, and it all adds up.  Why not fill in our COP26 pledge and start making small changes of your own?

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