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Description: European hare (Lepus europaeus) feeding in a field, summer. Author: Bertie Gregory - Bertie Gregory/2020VISION

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Manx wildlife for the future

We are the leading nature conservation charity in the Isle of Man, caring for land, sea and fresh water environments. We work hard to protect our Island's wildlife and help people feel more connected to nature. 

What we do

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In line with IoM Government lockdown guidelines, our Peel Gift Shop is now closed and our two Nature Discovery Centres at Scarlett and the Ayres are still closed for the winter. All our volunteering activities, education programmes and events have ceased and are on hold.

MWT Nature Reserves: The IOM Government is keen that people are able to access nature and green space during lockdown, for exercise, health and wellbeing. In line with this MWT are keeping our public Nature Reserves (NRs) open during lockdown and encourage people to get #CloserToNature during this period. We ask, however, that the following guidelines are adhered to by any people visiting our NRs. Please can you:

  • Only visit those NRs that are ‘local’ to you. Please aim not drive more than 5 miles to get to one of our NRs.
  • Ensure you have a facemask with you so that it can be worn if you encounter other people.
  • Maintain 2m+ social distancing if/when you encounter others not in your group. Take extra care when passing people on footpaths. You may need to retrace your steps to find a suitable place to pass others going the opposite direction, and/or be patient if you are walking quickly and want to overtake others on a narrow path.
  • Take litter home, stay on designated footpaths and take only memories/photos. Thank you. We’d be delighted if you take photos while you are visiting and share them on our social media pages, tag them #CloserToNature

If you have any queries, please email: enquiries@mwt.im. Thank you for all your support and please continue to take extra special care out there.


Saving wildlife and wild places

We protect the incredible species that call the Isle of Man home by creating spaces where they can flourish

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