Wildflowers of Mann

Wildflowers of Mann

Jon Hawkins - Surrey Hills Photography

Promoting and preserving native wild flowers

Started in 2000, the Wildflowers of Mann project operated across the island providing advice, and a supply of locally grown native Manx plants and seed for landowners from farmers to gardeners. Since 2016 we are only able to supply specialist rare plants for targeted conservation projects but can still provide advice where needed. 

We are also actively involved in conservation of rare native plants. From our wildflower nursery in St Johns we are able to grow more than 200 species of native Manx plants to help create new native habitats and wildflower gardens around the island. 

The project has its own best-selling wildflower book ‘The Wildflowers of Mann’. Copies are available to purchase from the Trust's own wildlife shop in Peel or from most good island bookshops. 

Funding and Management 

The Wildflowers of Mann project is funded through consultancy and also by the Isle of Man government (Department of Environment, Food & Agriculture and the Department of Infrastructure). Management of the project is by a steering committee of politicians, government officers and NGO’s.