Nurdles on Manx beaches!

Do you know about nurdles and how they get to our Island? Find out below!
Transport of nurdles

What are Nurdles?

  • Nurdles are little plastic pellets that are used in industry to make almost everything that is made from plastic.
  • Nurdle pollution is monitored on beaches around the world
  • The data from this monitoring gives us an idea of ecosystem health because large amounts of nurdles in habitats can have a devastating effect on wildlife.
Nurdles in the food chain

Why are they Harmful?

  • Nurdles can be potentially toxic, once they reach the sea plastics are known to attract and concentrate chemical contaminants to their surface, which then accumulate over time.
  • The nurdles are then ingested and  these toxins can be transported up the food chain as species are predated on.
Nurdles on the IOM map

Nurdles on the IoM

  • This year thousands of nurdles have been recorded washed up on Port Erin beach.
  • The number recorded this year is high compared with records from the UK.
  • These seemingly harmless pellets can cause serious harm to our Manx wildlife as they are easily mistaken for food by seabirds, fish and crustaceans.

How you can Help

  • The easiest way you can help is by joining the hunt for nurdles! This gives evidence of this type of  microplastic pollution.
  • The data collected  we then contribute to the great nurdle hunt, who are holding industries accountable, and piling on the pressure to take effective action.
  • For more information about how to take part or to upload your results, visit: https: