Cronk y Bing Orchids

Spectacular number of pyramidal orchids at Cronk y Bing this year
Cronk y Bing orchids

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Our Reserves Officer, Tricia Sayle, was at our Cronk y Bing reserve recently and counted nearly 3000 pyramidal orchids there.

Working with a volunteer on a routine survey Tricia said: 'It was an amazing sight to behold and it's a good time to visit our Cronk y Bing reserve. This is far in excess of last years total and just exceeds the best year previously in 2012 although we both felt it was likely to be an underestimate!'

You can find out more about our Cronk y Bing reserve here.

Unfortunately, during the survey, they also found evidence of a fire which was probably an attempt at a BBQ. Given the warm dry weather grassland reserve like Cronk y Bing are tinder dry and a disaster waiting to happen. The public are reminded that all forms of fires are not permitted on this or any of our nature reserves.