Anne Kaye

The staff and volunteers of MWT are deeply saddened by the passing of Anne Kaye, a true voice for Manx nature.

It is with great sadness that we learned this week of the passing of Anne Kaye.

Anne had a deep love for nature and was a great supporter of MWT. Anne volunteered in both Scarlett and Ayres visitor centres and, for many years, she did Saturday after Saturday in our Peel Gift Shop. She was a very loyal volunteer. Anne was brilliant at it, knowing so many of the people who came through the door, she was also filled with a vast knowledge about Manx wildlife that always went down well with the visitors.

MWT staff and volunteers knew Anne well, here are a few of their fond memories and thoughts:

‘Anne will be remembered chiefly as an educator and an enabler, introducing young people, especially her own students at Castle Rushen High School, to ornithology through the CRHS Young Ornithologists' club, which she started and ran for many years.

Anne didn't hang about, when she saw that something needed doing, she got on with it.  Whether it was making bird feeders, taking kids out to Langness, learning new skills so that she could become the trained official bosun to the Calf boatman, or looking after Calf wardens when they came ashore.

MWT represented only one string to Anne's bow. I shall remember her for her piercing honesty, her humour, her  delight in her many Hebridean holidays, and her generosity to young musicians in her years of sponsoring the pianists who performed at the Erin Arts Centre. No one who attended her fantastic 80th birthday concert there will ever forget it.’

- Felicity Cain, MWT Volunteer


‘I was introduced to Anne to cover Scarlett VC. She was a delight to know, a friendly personality with wildlife knowledge that always went down well with the visitors. Anne was always high on the list to accompany wildlife tours to the Calf of man and traveled with countless walking groups. All those years ago she asked if she could also cover the Ayres for wardening a couple of days over the season. She loved the area and came armed with binoculars to view the sightings. I always enjoyed meeting up with her at the centre for over 20 years. A very special person to always be remembered.’

- Jean Buck, MWT Volunteer


‘One of my favourite memories with Anne was travelling to the Calf on Scrayll a few years ago when she pointed out a puffin flying amongst some razorbills. It was my first Manx puffin.’

- Dr Lara Howe, MWT Marine officer


A couple of years ago, our Engagement Manager, Graham, interviewed Anne on camera for our Wildlife Remembered video. During the interview, Anne read an excerpt of poetry by T.E.Brown which wasn’t used in the edit so we are proud to be able to share it now…