Lough Gat-e-Whing (closed)

Chiff chaff

Janet Packham Photography

Lough Gat-e-Whing (closed)

The reserve attracts a wide range of birds, butterflies, dragonflies and bats.


Leodest Road
A static map of Lough Gat-e-Whing (closed)

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1 hectare


No access to this closed site


No dogs permitted

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About the reserve

Once the site of a small pond, this reserve is now composed of floating mats of vegetation and curragh. Many birds have been recorded on the site including chiffchaff, willow warbler, blackcap, teal, wigeon, shoveler, coot, moorhen, water rail, grey wagtail, sparrow hawk and woodcock. Buzzards are frequently seen flying over.

Management: Recent work to remove willow has resulted in some permanent standing water.

Contact us

Tricia Sayle, Reserves Officer
Contact number: 01624 844432
Contact email: tricia@manxwt.org.uk