Marsh marigold

Richard Burkmar

Lough Cranstal (closed)

Once a salt-water lagoon, this slowly drying-out closed reserve is rich with invertebrates and attracts many bird species


Lhen Road
A static map of Lough Cranstal (closed)

Know before you go

2 hectares


No access to this closed site


No dogs permitted

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Closed to the public

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About the reserve

Part of a much larger wetland site, this nature reserve is an extremely boggy area of marsh and curragh associated with the Cranstal Trench.  It provides a home for many species including marsh marigold, lady's smock, ragged robin, meadowsweet, yellow iris and purple loosestrife.

Management: This site is left largely undisturbed.

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Tricia Sayle, Reserves Officer
Contact number: 01624 844432
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