Goshen (closed)

Sneezewort at Goshen

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Goshen (closed)

This closed reserve boasts a diverse range of meadow and wetland plants across ten meadows, two areas of curragh and a developing woodland area.


Dollagh Mooar Road
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16 hectares


No access to this closed site


No dogs permitted

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About the reserve

The reserve lies on the western fringe of the Ballaugh Curragh and is part of the ASSI and Ramsar site. The flora comprises a diverse range of meadow and wetland plants including yellow rattle, purple loosestrife, eyebright, yellow iris and knapweed.

Management: The reserve is divided by a track into two blocks which have been made stock proof by fencing. The meadows are managed by a cut for hay in late summer, followed by winter grazing with sheep. The two areas of curragh are left to develop naturally into woodland.

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Tricia Sayle, Reserves Officer
Contact number: 01624 844432
Contact email: tricia@manxwt.org.uk