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Tom Marshall

Dalby Mountain Fields (closed)

A closed upland reserve with a mosaic of habitats producing a tremendous diversity of native plant species


Dalby Road
A static map of Dalby Mountain Fields (closed)

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4 hectares


No access to this closed site


No dogs permitted

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About the reserve

There is a mosaic of habitats in an upland situation, which support a tremendous diversity of species including a variety of sedges, bog asphodel, cottongrass, devil's bit scabious, lousewort, round-leaved sundew and marsh orchids.  Bogbean is found here at perhaps its highest altitude on the island.

Management: The reserve forms part of a large grazing block, which is grazed by a herd of cattle for much of the year. The cattle make regular but not prolonged forays into the reserve and their light grazing and trampling is ideal to maintain the diversity of species found on the site.

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Tricia Sayle, Reserves Officer
Contact number: 01624 844432
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