Close Umpson (closed)

Close Umpson

Wildflowers of Man

Close Umpson (closed)

This closed reserve features species rich grassland passing into peat bog with a variety of plant species including orchids


Old Windmill Road
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1 hectare


No access to this closed site


No dogs permitted

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About the reserve

Acquired to prevent it being drained, rotovated and reseeded this small site was known by local naturalists at the time as the Adder's Tongue Field. Ranging from species-rich grassland to a type of bog, there is a varied flora which includes orchids, pignut, knapweed, tormentil, bog myrtle, bog asphodel and bogbean.

Management: The areas of open grassland are managed by an annual cut with scrub clearance undertaken when required to maintain the bog habitat.

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