Magnificent Meadows

Magnificent Meadows Education Course


Jon Hawkins - Surrey Hills Photography

This is a series of five sessions on Wednesday afternoons (2-5pm), delivered by our MWT Reserves Officer, Tricia Sayle, at our MWT Nature Reserves, between 26th May and 15th September.

Orchids at Close Sartfield

Graham Makepeace-Warne

Our nature reserves contain 60 acres of wildflower meadows, with fantastic plant diversity, and supporting a wealth of invertebrates, birds, and mammals.

Hay meadow with yellow rattle

Lee Schofield

The aim of this series of events is to illustrate the challenges and rewards of managing this incredible and undervalued habitat. Tricia will give an overview of the background and management of our reserves at Close Sartfield, Moaney & Crawyn’s Meadows, Fell’s Field, Ballamooar Meadow, Goshen, and Close e Quayle, and the botanical treasures to be found there.

Flowers in grassland

Emma Bradshaw

Several local naturalists, who have been gathering biological data on selected reserves, will join the sessions to showcase the variety of life associated with these important habitats.

The sessions can be booked individually, but we are offering a discount for people who book all five. £50 (members) £75 (non-members) for 5 x 3 hour sessions. Individual sessions are £15 each for members and £20 per session for non-members.

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