Rey's Masters blog - 1

Rey's Masters blog - 1

Find out all about Rey's first month as a Masters student!
Rachael MSc

You can never be to old for stickers, even as a masters student!


Hello everybody! As this is the first of my ‘official' masters' blogs I will introduce myself a bit... My name is Rachael, better known at work as Rey, and I work as part of MWT's MarComms team (team seems very grand, we’re a team of 2!). I joined in March last year (it’s not ideal to start a new job just before a pandemic hits, as I didn't meet most of my colleagues for about 6 months!) and a year and a half on it feels like only 2 minutes has passed by.

team comms

Graham and Rey (team MarComms), helping people engage with #ManxNature, doing some emergency repairs to Larry the Lobster, at Festival of the Sea!

This job has been fantastic, working with so many knowledgeable and enthusiastic people I learn a new thing about #ManxNature and wildlife every day. Within the MWT team there are staff with specialities in all areas from marine to peat bogs, wild flower meadows, and public engagement so I have had the opportunity to learn about a vast range of conservation topics which fast forwards to me thinking about further education.

Rey Open uni

On my field studies practical week with the Open Uni at Mallam Tarn

I did my degree in Environmental Science with the Open University and I thought that would be the end of my education journey, but working with people like the MWT team sparks something and postgraduate studies looked more and more appealing.

Rey and Andree

I love being outside doing practical work. This photo was taken helping Andree, MWT Conservation Officer, with one of his projects.

MWT offered me the position of student intern, which is an incredible opportunity, and after looking at a couple of different course options I was accepted onto the MSc Wildlife Biology and Conservation course with Edinburgh Napier University as a part time, distance learning student. This was not an easy choice, as every course had different modules, topics and options, but this course included a marine and freshwater module and was a very practical course which in the end lead me to choose it.

Ramsey new forest project

Ramsey Forest Project 

I am now a month into the course and it has taken a little while to get back into the groove of studying again, with the different uni style and higher education level. My first module is Humans and Wildlife which looks at the relationship between the two and also links in nicely with my current job role. I am able to use the Ramsey Forest Project as the focus for my first assignment which is great as it’s local and the report I write will be useful to the project too!

Rey and sheep

Some of my sheepie followers! In my other job I'm a shepherdess working for Willingheart Wool, where I look after their flock of rare breed Teeswater sheep!

I will sign out here but look forward to the next month of study and the learning it will bring. If you're interested in what I’m up to in the meantime, before my next blog, you can follow me on Twitter (@rachael_harrop), there may even be a picture of a cute sheep or 2 on there along with my work and studies!

I can also be contacted on if you have any questions around my work and course.